Intumescent Fireproofing Paint and Coating

ne of your building's most valuable assets is one that is seldom seen - its structural steel. It is the bones of your building, and because it’s steel you’d be forgiven to assume that it requires little thought in preserving it. But unfortunately, steel is not impervious to fire, and Tech Passive Fire has the tools and personnel to keep your building’s structural steel protected if such a tragic event were to transpire.

When steel heats up, it acts like an electrical wire, transporting the heat around the building and ultimately spreading the fire while also softening the steel and destroying its structural integrity. So what is the best way of preventing this? The answer is Intumescent paint.

Intumescent paint is often mistaken as being the same as “fire rated paint” but the technology behind how it works is far more impressive. Intumescent paint, or more accurately coating, reacts to heat by swelling in a controlled manner. It becomes far thicker than the original coating. This happens because it produces carbonaceous char, formed from a large number of bubbles. These bubbles then act as an insulating layer to the steel. This insulating layer limits the amount of heat that can be transferred to the steel beam, limiting the rate at which the fire can spread and helps in keeping the steel at an appropriate temperature so as not to begin to soften and lose its integrity.

Team member applying intumescent paint to steel I-beams, standing on scissor lift

Due to intumescent coating’s need to expand, the best time to implement it is within the initial design phase of a building. This is because it needs space surrounding it to have the room to expand and therefore cannot have timber or fixtures directly against it. To protect your building, it’s best to get Tech Passive Fire involved as early as possible in the design phase to ensure that intumescent paint can be applied and is effective. If not done in these early phases, your business may face an expensive, uphill battle in the future to protect your building from fire damage. Tech Passive Fire’s intumescent coating services are in compliance with council regulations for passive fire protection. Get in contact with the expert team at Tech Passive Fire today.

Our Services Covers

Build fire rated bulkhead box (Framing work and fire rated GIB lining)

Construct Fire rated wall/Ceiling. (Build up framing and install FR GIB lining)

Concrete Drilling/Cutting and grouting

Intumescent paint for steel

Duct wrapping and lagging

Penetration sealing and treatment

Helping existing buildings comply with the new Passive Fire Requirements

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