Passive Fire Protection Services

or any commercial or residential building owners, keeping people that occupy the building safe is a top priority. There is also a financial incentive to keep your assets safe and as out of harm's way as possible. These assets don’t just refer to what’s inside the building, but the building itself too. The possibility of a fire breaking out is a risk that should be taken seriously, and preventable measures need to be taken from the start in order to mitigate a potentially disastrous situation.

Passive fire protection is a term used to refer to construction elements that are put in place to help prevent, limit, and control the spread of fire and smoke. They act as a means of allowing people within the building to get to safety through protected routes, while also serving as a means of localising the fire to its point of origin as much as possible.

Passive fire protection uses fire-resistant walls and floors in combination with fire stoppers and doors in order to contain fire to a single compartment. These fire-deleting elements require careful design considerations as their priority should be to protect escape routes to allow occupants to swiftly and efficiently escape any danger. Passive fire protection elements should prevent smoke and heat from causing disorientation and slow the speed at which a fire is capable of moving.

Tech Passive Fire employee installing fire protection equipment

Some passive fire protection elements include:

  • Fire rated ceilings, floors and walls.
  • Fire and smoke rated doors
  • Blast Walls
  • HVAC duct encasement & dampers
  • Curtain Wall Fire Stopping
  • Cavity barrier fire protection

The best means of installing passive fire protection into your building is during the design phase right from the start. Retroactively installing these elements to comply with safety standards can be not only a difficult undertaking, but an expensive one. Tech Fire Protection have the expert knowledge to advise, supply and install all the elements to keep your building as safe from fire as possible. Known for our high quality work, efficient turn around and competitive prices, Tech Passive Fire are the expert team for all your passive fire protection needs. Get in contact with our team today for more information.

Our Services Covers

Build fire rated bulkhead box (Framing work and fire rated GIB lining)

Construct Fire rated wall/Ceiling. (Build up framing and install FR GIB lining)

Concrete Drilling/Cutting and grouting

Intumescent paint for steel

Duct wrapping and lagging

Penetration sealing and treatment

Helping existing buildings comply with the new Passive Fire Requirements

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