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Fire Protection Services and Solutions

In Passive Fire Protection

We prevent fire to safeguard your buildings and life

Tech Passive Fire provides a range of reliable solutions pertaining to protecting your buildings and their occupants from the dangers of fire. Our aim is to protect your assets and potentially save lives by offering industry leading services in passive fire protection across the wider Auckland region.

Our team is made up of fire engineers, suppliers, consultants, service coordinators, architects and designers to cover the full spectrum of fire protection services. From design to supply and installation, Tech Passive Fire has the expertise to provide exceptional service with fast turn around times at a competitive price.

The best time to start your fire safety considerations is all the way at the beginning of the design process. We can guide and assist you in future-proofing and keeping your building up-to-date with Codes of Compliance to give you peace of mind and safety.

Services We Offer

Intumescent paint coating in progress, with workers on scissor lift in protective gear

Protect the structural steel of your building

One of your building’s most valuable assets is one that is seldom seen – its structural steel. It is the bones of your building, and because it’s steel you’d be forgiven to assume that it requires little thought in preserving it. But unfortunately, steel is not impervious to fire, and Tech Passive Fire has the tools and personnel to keep your building’s structural steel protected if such a tragic event were to transpire.

Tech Passive Fire team member installing fire protection hardware

Passive Fire Protection is your first line of defence in keeping your building safe from fire

For any commercial or residential building owners, keeping people that occupy the building safe is a top priority. There is also a financial incentive to keep your assets safe and as out of harm’s way as possible. These assets don’t just refer to what’s inside the building, but the building itself too. The possibility of a fire breaking out is a risk that should be taken seriously, and preventable measures need to be taken from the start in order to mitigate a potentially disastrous situation.

Worker looking at steel beams covered in white paint

Structural steel is often an overlooked component of your property but is ultimately one of the most important parts of your asset.

Due to its concealed nature, it’s easy to not think about it once the construction process has been completed. Thankfully, structural steel is designed with this in mind, needing little in the way of maintenance throughout the life of the building. However, this is a double-edged sword, because while structural steel is designed to be set up and forgotten about if the correct care isn’t taken during the construction phase to ensure that it is protected against fire, you may not only be risking the destruction of your asset but the people that reside inside the building too.

Our Services Covers

Build fire rated bulkhead box (Framing work and fire rated GIB lining)

Construct Fire rated wall/Ceiling. (Build up framing and install FR GIB lining)

Concrete Drilling/Cutting and grouting

Intumescent paint for steel

Duct wrapping and lagging

Penetration sealing and treatment

Helping existing buildings comply with the new Passive Fire Requirements

Our Team

The Tech Passive Fire is a team made up of highly experienced professionals across the entire spectrum of passive fire solutions and services.
We have a tight network of fire engineers, suppliers, consultants, service coordinators, architects and designers to ensure that your building is fully compliant and up to date with Codes of Compliance. Our team are all experts in their given field and we continue to keep our finger on the pulse to keep up with the latest technology and innovations in passive fire safety.
Chris Ni
Managing Director
7 years’ experience in passive fire industry
James Lin
Passive fire team leader
Expert in passive fire protection installation
Lisa Wei
QA and Financial Controller
9 years’ experience in financial area

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